Nicolas Akgazciyan chooses 99 novenove boards for 2014!

Είναι επίσημο πλέον ο Nicolas Akgazciyan είναι στη 99boards  για το 2014.

Διαβάστε το επίσημο δελτίο τύπου και τι έχουν να πουν ο ιδιοκτήτης της εταιρίας Cesare , ο shaper Gianni  και ο Nicolas  για την επερχόμενη συνεργασία τους.

French PWA freestyler Nicolas Akgazciyan F400 has opened up to a new era of his windsurfing career, by switching to 99NoveNove boards. During his recent stay in Tenerife, Nicolas met up with Cesare Cantagalli, founder of the new and unmistakably Italian brand.
Cesare himself being one of the original legends of windsurfing, having invented many wave-moves, such as the cheese-roll back in the 80’s, saw the potential of Nicolas both as a team rider but also further the development of the brand.
Nicolas in Tenerife also spent time with Gianni Valdambrini, who is the shaper for 99NoveNove boards. With over 25 years experience in shaping, Gianni ensures fast and efficient progress on the development of the StylePro freestyle board range, which Nicolas
will take use for the upcoming PWA events.
Cesare Cantagalli’

It was kind of hectic these last months. We are preparing a full board range which will be made ready for our worldwide distribution. Up until today we have been pushing our brand philosophy mainly in few markets, but now we feel that it’s time to take our windsurfing lifestyle and brand to the main stage. I was fascinated by the attitude and personality which Nicolas brings on board. I‘ve met Nico some years ago, but I had the feeling now was the right time bring him on our team. Not only as a top level freestyler, but also for the technical knowledge he would bring to our company. With Nicolas, we have enthusiastically started working on more aspects around the freestyle project, which brings me back to the time where I was living his life, and constantly thinking about the
next new move.

Gianni Valdambrini’

Nicolas came in at the right time when we were busy with the
development of our freestyle board, the StylePro as he knew exactly what he wanted under his feet. He came in like a bomb and actually sat next to me during the design process. I enjoyed the time as it was extremely constructive for both of us and we had the same line of ideas as where to take the project.

We are super pleased to have him on board and will keep working hard to satisfy his needs and thus the needs of what the latest
modern freestyler needs.

‘ Nicolas Akgazciyan’

It’s not easy to leave what you know for something new unknown. Especially when moving to a new brand as 99NoveNove boards. After I had first met Cesare and Gianni in Tenerife I later visited them in their shaping facilities in Italy and I actually got really excited. CNC machines and cad programs used to develop the shapes so that proto typing that can be done in a very short time was very impressive together with the knowledge and knowhow of Gianni. Gianni and Cesare, both being very active windsurfers, were speaking the same language this gave me the motivation to start thinking towards this new adventure for my career. I like their philosophy, the way they like to express and show the lifestyle of windsurfing. This is all communicated by their products and the brand. I understood that I was being put in position from where I would actually also be able express and develop my ideas on the freestyle boards and we were easily agreeing on the style we were looking for. Everything is interesting and exciting for me be a part of this new collaboration which has real windsurfing lifestyle and surely will be a great story to tell.