Το pwa  ανακοινώσε 10 νέους κανόνες που θα  ισχύσουν φέτος . Το no rules συνεχίζει να υφίσταται  αν και γίνετε πιο ’ ακριβό ‘ και θα λέγαμε ότι πιο πολύ οι κανόνες αυτοί έχουν οργανωτικό χαρακτήρα για το πώς και μέχρι πότε μπορεί να ακυρωθεί μια κούρσα.

Ο αυστριακός Chris Pressler  ένας από τους ιδρυτές του  και αθλητής των εταιριών  starboard και severne έγραψε κάποιες σκέψεις του στο προσωπικό  του blog μαζί με τους κανόνες


1. Race Directors will be advised to take notice of significant amounts of debris in the water. Small natural debris, such as seaweed, should not be considered significant, but if there are frequent, large items of human debris, such as furniture or similar, the Race Director should consider whether it is safe to race. This does not necessarily mean that races will be abandoned or postponed, unless debris is considered to be an unavoidable risk to safety.


2.  Heats shall not be cancelled due to wake created by boats coming through the course. If the boat is physically in the way of sailors forcing them to change course, then the heat may be abandoned, but if it is just the wake of the boat on the water then the heat will not be cancelled.


3. If the wind drops below 7 knots when the sailors are nowhere near then the heat should not be abandoned.


4. Once everyone has crossed the finish line then the heat cannot be abandoned.


5. Heats cannot be cancelled due to wind strength unless:

i.              Wind drops below 7 knots where it is measured whilst sailors are nearby

ii.             At least 6 sailors out of 8 stop planning for at least 10 seconds.

6. Sailors will be instructed to stay clear of the starting area and must remain upwind of start boat during a running sequence unless competing in that heat. Sailors who are judged to be interfering or potentially causing a genuine distraction at the start by being in the vicinity of the starting fleet  may be disqualified.


7. No changes to will be made to the course between the Start Boat, Start Mark and Gybe 1, after the red flag.


8. Race Directors will be instructed to use more varied courses where possible. Sailors are invited to suggest course ideas and a selection of suitable courses shall be chosen by a subcommittee of Racers / Sailor Reps.


9. Where possible, more regular equipment measurement checks will be performed to try and ensure that equipment registration rules are being adhered to.


10. If racing incidents are proven or judged to be dangerous sailing by the Race Committee, the competitors judged to have acted dangerously will be penalised by the following hierarchy of penalties at each event:

i.              1st offence = €250 fine

ii.             2nd offence = €250 fine plus DSQ from that race

iii.            3rd offence = €250 fine plus DSQ from the event